Memories of Ron.....

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Memories of Ron.....

Post  Jim B on Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:31 pm

I'm sure the Kirk family and friends would like you to share your memories of Ron here so that they can at times return here to reflect on him Smile

I'll break the ice and begin......

I never met Ron, but the people I met that knew Ron, made me wish I had because I think we shared something in common.
I had read on FB after the search was on about how he had recovered from a bike accident years ago and was in the hospital for some time. If he was like me and probably even more from what I hear, he couldn't wait to get back out there and turn up the volume on enjoying life even more than what he thought he had been, but even at higher level .
I'm sure many of us can totally understand his motivation then that there was way more to life to enjoy and he wasn't gonna miss out.
I think that's why so many that met him were in awe of his energy level & appreciation for life & the friends he made while he enjoyed his "second chance" on life with so many.

I am around the same age he was and have had 2 near death experiences in my life flying planes for 20 years+ as a living.
Both times, (1 plane over the Grand Canyon and another time a Glider thermaling up on the East coat) got so close that I feard for our lives and pulled up and away as fast as I could.
And in what seemed like an eternity,, was merely fractions of a second. In that unique space of time. My life and how I had been living it clearly flashed backed before my eyes very quick like a power point presentation in a comprehensable way. And after that moment when you realize you survived it, you say "Dam it ! I wasn't ready to go yet" and there is so much more to do & see.
Then as your calming back down and the adreneline subsides you say to yourself, "There's more to enjoy in this world and I gotta go do it !"

That's why I think we shared the same mindset, that one day we wont be able to do all this high energy physical stuff like we used to and when the next moment comes like that you would say "yeah, I did it , I helped make this place a better and more enjoyable world to live in, I brought smiles. laughs and great memories to others so that they can look back when their time comes."

So Perhaps Ron's mission on earth was complete, and Lord only knows why he is not with us anymore.
But as horrible as death can be sometimes and agreeably tragic and mindboggling at times, realize this that Ron's death was while he was doing something he enjoyed doing, as opposed to being confined to a hospital bed with a prognosis that x amount of time was left as determined by a doctor.

I hope all that made sense.

So, we all should go out and and make those great life memories that we can reflect upon in our later years and leve a positive impact behind is what I think Ron and I shared without directly ever knowing each other Smile In all the pictures I have seen posted of him, as the old saying goes "The eyes have it" his eyes exude that energy inside him that I see in every time i see a picture of him.

PS: Now that meaning of "ON RON" means even more to me and hopefully others. It means to me that when you do something you turn ON that RON energy and you enjoy it to the fullest.! sunny

"Happy Trails to you".........
Jim Brasier Jr.

Jim B

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Re: Memories of Ron.....

Post  Jim Brasier on Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:40 pm

I meant to add to the above post but wasn't logged in to attach pictures.

All of us were frustrated that we couldn't find Ron including myself as my job physically takes me away flying bizjets for a living.
I couldn't search as much as many of you did. And while away from Vegas and trying to help, I read your frustrations and felt it without anything to do about it. So I channeled all my frustrated energy into a "graphic" that some may "LIKE" and some call even Art. I don't know what it is except ENERGY released . So as a gift and closure to this search I want to dedicate "ON RON !" to the Kirk Family, Friends, Searchers and Volunteers who's emotions, time and energy went into this Search..

May it reflect the energy RON had and exuded that many of us wish we had more of. Please feel free to Copy it. Print it, screen saver it,,ect, if it helps heal, remind or motivate you .

Jim Brasier

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