We all need to work with LVMPD Search and Rescue.

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We all need to work with LVMPD Search and Rescue.

Post  Jim Brasier on Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:45 pm

These searchers are top notch and we need to get them good information to narrow down the possibility window so that they can go in and do what they train for.

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Yes, these guys are good

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:16 am

LVMPSAR staff were in the air immediately upon notice from Hash House Harriers who located Ron's jeep. They flew low altitude at night with two choppers. Let me tell you that this is dangerous and many municipalities will not fly at night. These guys risked their lives in those choppers, especially at night. Let me tell you this, I didn't expect any city to go out and do this so quickly. In addition they flew a total of 22 hours at low altitude and and night. I talked with various people in charge at LVMPSAR in the first days of the search and in detail they told me of the flying techniques used, the equipment used, and that they would go out again with the choppers if we could give them additional leads on Ron's whereabouts in the area.

I would also like to thank Las Vegas Police Department and our lead detective. They have over 900 cases of missing persons per month, so Ron was just another guy in the stack. We were treated with respect and urgency. They were also open to us bringing in outside resources like the unmanned aircraft and organization both private and public who needed their permission to come in. This was the case with the dog that came in on the first search.

When we do find Ron, we can rest assured that LVMPSAR will be able to extract him from anywhere in the park.


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